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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Are you a good father or mother?

Dedicating more time to the ones you love can feel like you’re compromising the work you’re passionate about like for instance managing your own business. It's always a struggle for most parents, especially those who are more career-minded. It will naturally be on your mind 24/7. But while striking the right balance might not be easy, however it is possible.

It depends on how one defines 'good'. Everyone has 24h a day. If your work take you away from your family for a good 14 or 16h, then the quality time spent together with your family, especially the young ones is very precious. This may not be the case for daily interaction, so weekends are precious too.

If weekends are away to meet clients or work, then phone calls are important. The young ones needs positive role models and motivation, someone who can play and have fun with, and at the same time, be there for them physically when they grow, fall and learn or receive their prize.

There are some intrinsic morals and values which we may like to teach our children such as positive mindset, compassion, honesty and filial piety. And to accept failure. Just like how my 3yo came home from Childcare one day saying, 'Good failure'. I honestly like it, and once awhile, will use it when the time comes. Or what my friend call a 'Happy problem'.

Every parent yearns to be the best father/mother they want to be, and at same time have a great career. Find your balance. Life is all about Yin and Yang. It has its Ups and Downs. When you at the deepest bottom, you know that Lady Luck is on the way as you'll be going up soon. I'm still learning. Good luck!

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